• Project manager: Private client
  • Project owner: Anaïs Gonfond - Ryokostudio
  • Location: Private residence in Cambodia
  • Project: Fresco for a spa
  • Surface area: Height 1m x length 2m
  • Delivery: August 2022

Anaïs Gonfond de l’agence Ryokostudio me sollicite pour la création d’une fresque en mosaïque sertie de laiton pour l’espace Spa d’une résidence au Cambodge d’un particulier.

La mosaïque représente le veinage de larges feuilles de lotus flottant à la surface de l’eau. 

Des lignes dessinées en tesselles d’or de format bâtonnets taillées à la pince parcourent la surface de l’œuvre – Leur point de départ au cœur des 7 feuilles, se déploient une à une dans une ondulation aquatique. Les camaïeux de couleurs nudes, roses et blanches composés de tesselles en pâte de verre sont déposées une à une à la main comme des touches de peinture ponctuées par une variation innombrables d’aplats de différentes matières : gloss, mates et brillantes créant une profondeur, une respiration et une ondulation. 

Cette alchimie de matière par ses contrastes coloriels joue avec la lumière du jour et de la nuit évoquant le rythme fluide du mouvement de l’eau appelant à la méditation.

Cartier Chicago




  • Project manager: Petit h
  • Project owner: Hermès
  • Location: Paris, Dubai, Osaka and Beijing
  • Project: Tables en Picassiette gainés de cuir
  • Surface area: Diameter 1,30, and 1,70m x 0,70m
  • Delivery: 2022, 2023

Godefroy de Virieu, the creative director of Petit h, the Hermès RE-creation workshop, asked me to imagine coffee tables in the  « Picassiette » style, using remnants of plates, clasps from bags, mother of pearl buttons and plastic objects from Hermès’ manufacturing production. 

This petit h concept creates unique objects with materials that have been discarded, sometimes even the off-cuts, that haven’t been used by Hermès’ manufacturers.

My process started by selecting elements for their precise shapes and design, colours and materials to build a harmonious ensemble, a graphic and colourful choreography that revealed the story of the Maison. Each piece of the porcelaine plates from the collections were broken and cut with pliers to shape pebbles or rods to follow the frame of the design on the plate. Each piece is then stuck by hand individually.

With this alchemy of shapes, full and empty spaces, the abstract drawing that is created for the coffee tables or high tables, drops us into an organic movement, that plays with the light, vibrantly and kinetically.

Cartier Taïpei

Rice paddies

  • Project manager: Moinard & Bétaille Agency
  • Project owner: Cartier Patrimoine
  • Location: 101 Tower mall Taïpei - Taïwan
  • Project: Fresco in mosaic, 3 panels set in brass
  • Surface area: Height 2,60m x length 3,45m 
  • Delivery: September 2021

The fresco of the Jewellery Focus in the Cartier store, located in the famous 101 Tower, celebrates the hilly landscape of Taïpei, set in luxuriant vegetation ; its geography is one of tea plantations under the sun, rising from the clouds.

The mosaic forms 5 layers that symbolise the city; the 101 Tower, in deep jade, sits alongside the Maison Cartier panther, inspired by a Cartier broach from the 1930s. The ensemble is composed of tesserae cut by hand in shapes of different sizes : rods, rectangles, squares, diamonds, semi-circles, triangles and drops in yellow and white gold, platinum, molten glass, mother of pearl, enamels from Venice, Tiffany glass, Moroccan enameled glass, porcelaine stoneware et brushed brass. The alchemy of the whole piece gives a unique light to the fresco; a jet black understory that moves towards a blue light, white clouds and rays of yellow sun, in mat to show off the panther in the center, ominous and glistening, drawn in white gold and platinum tesserae.

This light reflecting fresco announces the space in the store, whilst displaying the jewelry of the Maison Cartier like a treasure chest.


Ondes Vertes

  • Project manager: Cognac Hennessy
  • Location: Château de Bagnolet - Cognac
  • Project: Marble mosaic floor for the winter garden
  • Surface area: 92 sqm
  • Delivery: 2018

Hennessy asks Mathilde Jonquière for a mosaic floor creation of green marble, in collaboration with Claire Munier who designed the garden with Mediterranean plants. The chromatic polyphony of the mosaic comes to vibrate the bright floor in a dynamic volume depending on the perspective. Subtle and graphic, Mathilde Jonquière has been inspired by the flow of the water and the notion of mixture in her interpretation of the Winter Garden’s environment. The artist has created stunning «green waves» in relation with the Charente, this particular River which is at the heart of the Cognac fabrication process. Sometimes mat, shinny or satin depending on its polish level, the mosaic waves as the daylight and the point of view change, bringing a permanent spectacle.
Watercolor by Claire Munier, project landscaper

Mathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cognac HennessyMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cognac HennessyMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cognac HennessyMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cognac HennessyMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cognac HennessyMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cognac Hennessy
Mathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cognac HennessyMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cognac HennessyMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cognac HennessyMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cognac HennessyMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cognac Hennessy


Maurice Ravel

  • Project manager: Private client
  • Location: Private residence, Paris, 16th District
  • Project: Fresco
  • Surface area: Height 1m x length 2m
  • Delivery: August 2022

The veins of large lotus leaves floating at the water’s surface are depicted in this mosaic. 

Lines are drawn with the golden tessarae that are cut into the shape of rods with pliers, and that seem to dance on the water’s surface – Their starting point is at the heart of the seven leaves, and from this point they deploy one by one in an aquatique wave. The cameos of nudes, pinks and whites, made from tessarae in molten glass, are placed one by one by hand like individual brushstrokes, punctuated by a countless variety of different textures : glossy, mat et brilliant… that create a depth, a breath and a wave. 

With all of their colours, this alchemy plays with the daylight and the light at night, and reminds us of the pace and movement of water, aiding in soothing meditation.

Cartier Abu Dhabi

Golden Foliage

  • Project manager: Moinard & Bétaille Agency
  • Project owner: Cartier Patrimoine 
  • Location: Focus féminin in the Sowwah Galleria store, U.A.E
  • Project: Mixed-materials fresco in mosaic and lacquer, in collaboration with atelier Midavaine
  • Surface area: Height 3,60m x length 2,60m 
  • Delivery: September 2022

I was given a new commision by the Cartier Patrimoine team, in collaboration with the agence Moinard & Bétaille to create a mixed-materials fresco, in mosaic and lacquer, for the Cartier store in Abu Dhabi.

The city is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, where a variety of landscapes intermingle ; the desert, placed in the lower part of the fresco, with its warm tones, sits alongside a fertile oasis, an archipelago of islands and mysterious mangrove forests, symbolised by luxuriant foliage tesserae in yellow, white and platinum gold. In the upper part of the fresco, a falcon glides, the national bird of the U.A.E., rooted in the culture, and a symbol of strength, courage, determination but also grace, its golden feathers capturing and reflecting light in the space amongst the palm trees, assembled in mother of pearl tesserae, in a cameo of immaculate white tones.

Cartier Hangzhou


  • Project manager: Agence Bidart & Raissi 
  • Project owner: Cartier Patrimoine
  • Location: Tower Zhejiang Hangzhou - Jianggan District 
  • Project: Mosaic fresco in 3 panels set in brass 
  • Surface area: Height 2,90m x length 4,50m
  • Delivery: May 2022

The mid-autumn moon is particulary clear, and it diffuses its moonlight onto the lake that lays west of the city of Hangzhou. The red speckled moon sits in the pink sky, spinning, a copper-coloured moon with red highlights, appear golden in the water, the moon is in the golden Pagoda of the 6 Harmonies and they both echo and compose with the vast watery surface of the lake, a perfectly harmonious maosaic in the middle of a lush green environment of the parks. The lake is set amongst the lotus flowers, in full bloom, immaculately white, with a mother of pearl center, right in the middle of their leaves, in aged gold tessarae. The panther stands tall with its emerald eyes, inspired by a Maison Cartier broach from 1969, and contemplates the romantic landscape of the banks of the lake, studdded with copped-tinted precious stones.



  • Project owner: Van Cleef & Arpels 
  • Location: 77 de Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona
  • Project: 6 panel-fresco framed and set in the store's street-side window display 
  • Surface area: 3 panels measuring 0,64 x 1,42m and 3 panels measuring 0,64x0,77m 
  • Delivery: June 2023

The Maison Van Cleef & Arpels have set up their new store on one of the most famous shopping avenues in Barcelona : the Paseo de Gracia. The store sits in a building steeped in local architecture, adjoined by two forged metal doors and framed by a number of well-known buildings, such as Gaudi’s Casa Battlō. The store’s very large window display, that opens out onto the street is comprised of 3 sections, each set in 3 micro-mosaic frescos. 

Inspired by Gaudi’s work found in the Güell park, and tying into the enchanted and poetic spirit of time in the Maison, I created a Trencadís mosaic, set and stuck by hand, piece by piece, in an infinite amount of different tones in molten glass ; velvet nudes, powdery pink, white and gold form an ensemble of clouds. Highlighting the window displays like a jewelry box, the transparent, opalescent, mat and brilliant tesserae play with the lights of the city, very much in the same way as rays of sunlight play through the clouds between light and shade.

The Lake and The Sky

Fresco and Marble mosaic floor

  • Project manager: Agence Moinard Bétaille
  • Project owner: Cartier Patrimoine
  • Location: 35 rue du Rhône - Geneva
  • Project: Fresco and marble mosaic floor
  • Surface area: Fresco 11 sqm - Floor 14 sqm
  • Delivery: 2021

The Cartier store in Geneva, located at number 35 of the luxury boutique street, rue du Rhône, since 1969, and situated at the tip of lac Léman, has just been renovated. This listed building encompasses the historical expertise of Swiss jewelry craftsmanship, and houses the ateliers de la restauration Cartier tradition and Cartier poinçon. Agency Moinard Bétaille in collaboration with the Cartier patrimoine team came to me to create the floor and fresco for the main entrance of the store.
The marble floor “Soleil levant” is composed of a brass insert inspired by a piece of Cartier jewelry and it spreads out to preface the large fresco in mosaic comprised of six panels. Each element from Geneva is represented in a pure and magnified way: edelweiss, grasses… are brought together in a hue of similar shades, a monochrome of lac Léman colours; the shoreline melts into mountains, glittering snow, sky and this is where the snow leopard sits as queen.

Mathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cartier GenevaMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cartier GenevaMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cartier GenevaMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cartier GenevaMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cartier GenevaMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cartier GenevaMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cartier GenevaMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cartier GenevaMathilde Jonquiere Mosaique Cartier Geneva