Café Wepler

Sea shells

The Wepler brasserie, first oyster café in Paris, is a famous address. Located at the foot of the Butte Montmatre, in the 18th arrondissement, it sits at the intersection of four quartiers.

Truly a Parisian institution of the rive droite, the brasserie has moved with the times, and managed to forge a cultural history. It’s a meeting point for the new generation of cinematographers, a place to dine after a night at the theatre or at a concert, and it also hosts the Prix-Wepler –  La Poste, an award that celebrates the best book authors of the year.

It’s a wonderfully festive space, to share everything from ideas to a meal, and I chose to symbolise this with bubbles of Champagne composed of gleaming golden tesserae that cover the walls, which are held back by the waves in the lower part of the composition. Fish scales in molten glass, ceramic create a movement, an effervescence much like the reflection of a social gathering.