Cartier Hangzhou


  • Project manager: Agence Bidart & Raissi 
  • Project owner: Cartier Patrimoine
  • Location: Tower Zhejiang Hangzhou - Jianggan District 
  • Project: Mosaic fresco in 3 panels set in brass 
  • Surface area: Height 2,90m x length 4,50m
  • Delivery: May 2022

The mid-autumn moon is particulary clear, and it diffuses its moonlight onto the lake that lays west of the city of Hangzhou. The red speckled moon sits in the pink sky, spinning, a copper-coloured moon with red highlights, appear golden in the water, the moon is in the golden Pagoda of the 6 Harmonies and they both echo and compose with the vast watery surface of the lake, a perfectly harmonious maosaic in the middle of a lush green environment of the parks. The lake is set amongst the lotus flowers, in full bloom, immaculately white, with a mother of pearl center, right in the middle of their leaves, in aged gold tessarae. The panther stands tall with its emerald eyes, inspired by a Maison Cartier broach from 1969, and contemplates the romantic landscape of the banks of the lake, studdded with copped-tinted precious stones.