Cartier Taïpei

Rice paddies

  • Project manager: Moinard & Bétaille Agency
  • Project owner: Cartier Patrimoine
  • Location: 101 Tower mall Taïpei - Taïwan
  • Project: Fresco in mosaic, 3 panels set in brass
  • Surface area: Height 2,60m x length 3,45m 
  • Delivery: September 2021

The fresco of the Jewellery Focus in the Cartier store, located in the famous 101 Tower, celebrates the hilly landscape of Taïpei, set in luxuriant vegetation ; its geography is one of tea plantations under the sun, rising from the clouds.

The mosaic forms 5 layers that symbolise the city; the 101 Tower, in deep jade, sits alongside the Maison Cartier panther, inspired by a Cartier broach from the 1930s. The ensemble is composed of tesserae cut by hand in shapes of different sizes : rods, rectangles, squares, diamonds, semi-circles, triangles and drops in yellow and white gold, platinum, molten glass, mother of pearl, enamels from Venice, Tiffany glass, Moroccan enameled glass, porcelaine stoneware et brushed brass. The alchemy of the whole piece gives a unique light to the fresco; a jet black understory that moves towards a blue light, white clouds and rays of yellow sun, in mat to show off the panther in the center, ominous and glistening, drawn in white gold and platinum tesserae.

This light reflecting fresco announces the space in the store, whilst displaying the jewelry of the Maison Cartier like a treasure chest.