• Project manager: Petit h
  • Project owner: Hermès
  • Location: Paris, Dubai, Osaka and Beijing
  • Project: Tables en Picassiette gainés de cuir
  • Surface area: Diameter 1,30, and 1,70m x 0,70m
  • Delivery: 2022, 2023

Godefroy de Virieu, the creative director of Petit h, the Hermès RE-creation workshop, asked me to imagine coffee tables in the  « Picassiette » style, using remnants of plates, clasps from bags, mother of pearl buttons and plastic objects from Hermès’ manufacturing production. 

This petit h concept creates unique objects with materials that have been discarded, sometimes even the off-cuts, that haven’t been used by Hermès’ manufacturers.

My process started by selecting elements for their precise shapes and design, colours and materials to build a harmonious ensemble, a graphic and colourful choreography that revealed the story of the Maison. Each piece of the porcelaine plates from the collections were broken and cut with pliers to shape pebbles or rods to follow the frame of the design on the plate. Each piece is then stuck by hand individually.

With this alchemy of shapes, full and empty spaces, the abstract drawing that is created for the coffee tables or high tables, drops us into an organic movement, that plays with the light, vibrantly and kinetically.