Maurice Ravel

  • Project manager: Private client
  • Location: Private residence, Paris, 16th District
  • Project: Fresco
  • Surface area: Height 1m x length 2m
  • Delivery: August 2022

The veins of large lotus leaves floating at the water’s surface are depicted in this mosaic. 

Lines are drawn with the golden tessarae that are cut into the shape of rods with pliers, and that seem to dance on the water’s surface – Their starting point is at the heart of the seven leaves, and from this point they deploy one by one in an aquatique wave. The cameos of nudes, pinks and whites, made from tessarae in molten glass, are placed one by one by hand like individual brushstrokes, punctuated by a countless variety of different textures : glossy, mat et brilliant… that create a depth, a breath and a wave. 

With all of their colours, this alchemy plays with the daylight and the light at night, and reminds us of the pace and movement of water, aiding in soothing meditation.