Cartier NYC


  • Project manager: Laura Gonzales
  • Project owner: Cartier Patrimoine
  • Location: 653 Fifth Avenue - New York City
  • Project: Fresco
  • Surface area: 12.5 sqm
  • Delivery: 2021

The Cartier store located at number 653 on Fifth Avenue in New York City, is an emblem of Maison Cartier’s cultural heritage, amidst Manhattan’s skyscrapers; it’s adjacent to Central Park, an oasis and romantic spot for brides and grooms to-be. Laura Gonzales, who was given the task to renovate the interior architecture of this private townhouse, entrusted me with the creation of a fresco in the bridal space, on the third floor of the building.
The sketch of the fresco portrays Central Park’s rich vegetation, with a focus, in the background, on an organic shape; jagged flower petals, inspired by the «Guillochage» motif technique of the 16 th century, dear to the Maison Cartier.
Spring insects dot themselves upon this contemporary grid: butterflies, dragonflies et ladybugs all dressed in bright colours echoing the jewelry and gemstones of la Maison Cartier. Fauna and flora mix in a movement composed of mat tesserae and brilliant white gold settings. Light plays with this composition revealing a mosaic as precious as the treasure chest it lies within.